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     Vermont’s Irish Rebel

is published by a group of professionals living in northern Vermont who have pooled their talents to produce this high-quality book.

The Brewster River Press is available to assist other authors who want to retain control of their books through self-publishing, specializing in historical subjects. We can help with the research, design, editing, and production of your work. After publication, we can also facilitate promotional activities, sales, and fulfillment of orders.

If you are considering self-publishing, contact us for a free consultation as to whether our services might be suitable. Upon agreement to collaborate, a business plan will be prepared specifying the nature of our assistance and the fee schedule. The Brewster River Press will commit to only a few authors at a time to ensure the personal involvement of our group throughout the production cycle.

Only commercially viable and high-quality books will be considered. We expect authors to dedicate the necessary time and money to the collaborative effort. While our staff will be supportive in all phases of the process, there is no substitute for the author’s involvement in every step of the journey.


The Brewster River Press brings together individuals with wide experience in the various aspects of publication.

Our group includes

  • an author who teaches a college course in copy editing
  • a designer with many years of experience
  • a production manager fully versed in the printing business
  • the military historian who wrote Vermont’s Irish Rebel
  • competent individuals who assist as necessary in research, proofreading, promotion, fulfillment, and other tasks